Accutron CT-D

Accutron CT-D


The Accutron CT-D fully meets the requirements regarding precision in diagnostics, patient-friendliness and economic efficiency. The mains-independent double head injector for the injection of contrast medium and NaCl in computed tomography is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness.

New application: Contrast-Enhanced Mammography with the Accutron CT-D

Accutron CT-D is working together with OEM mammography equipment providers for patients undergoing CEM or contrast-enhanced mammography.

Using MEDTRON ’s Accutron® CT-D injector alongside CEM imaging procedures ensures that a continuous and accurate flow of contrast is provided. It also ensures consistent contrast enhancement of tumor tissue.

Patient safety is improved as the injection is flushed with saline which shortens the time during which the contrast medium remains in high concentration locally in the arm veins, where it could irritate the venous wall.

And with Accutron® CT-D´s established wireless and mobile technology we insure easy portability of the injector to the patient.

Made in Germany

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